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1. What does ntrprnrs mean?

It’s Entrepreneurs without the vowels. Check out our Information page to read about our history and it will become clear. Also — it made getting the domain name way easier.

2. Why are some items ‘in-store only’?

Whilst we’re a small operation, we like to keep our in-store stock separate from our online stock. It means our customers on foot get a little bit of extra care and attention as well as exclusivity.

3. How do I pay for a workshop?

Like you would a normal product, add it to your cart and pay through the checkout. We’ll get a notification and then we’ll send you a receipt — bring that along on the day and we’re laughing.

4. Can I put on a show at the Upstairs Gallery?

Send a profile, portfolio link or low resolution PDF of your work to upstairsgallery@ntrprnrs.com and we’ll review it as a team and let you know as soon as possible. If we like what you do, we’ll send you our Terms & Conditions of exhibitions and we can take it from there.

5. Will you feature me / us on your blog?

Potentially — email info@ntrprnrs.com with what you want us to feature, we’ll have a look and let you know.

6. Are you available for an interview?

If we have the time — we have a lot going on but can usually get them in. E-mail info@ntrprnrs.com and ask away.

7. Can you paint my bedroom wall?

No, sorry.

8. Why free shipping only in Staffordshire?

We’re proud of where we come from. You should be too. This is way of giving a little bit back to the locals that have supported us from day one.

9. Can I go up to the HoF?

Of course! We don’t own the land, we just maintain the site. It’s free and open to anyone who wants to go at any time.

10. Why don’t you sell paint online?

At the moment, it’s just not economical for us. But never say never.